Timber Frame Render Systems

At Louvre Roofs Australia, we install stunning, adjustable HV2 louvre roof systems. All of our materials are manufactured in Australia, and we offer a large range of colours and design possibilities. Our roofs are versatile, with many different opening positions available to you at the touch of a finger. 

Our roofs are customisable, and you can choose additional options for your design such as LED lighting strips, wall-mounted switched and push buttons, as well as home automation options. 

One option you can choose for your roof is a timber frame render system. Read on to learn more about our timber frame render systems, as well as some of the benefits that come with having our louvre systems at your home or commercial premises.

Timber frame render system
One option for your frame is a timber frame render system. Rendered timber refers to wood that has been coated with acrylic. All of the wood we use for our roofing projects is sourced from Australia. 

Why choose Louvres Roofs?
Experience you can trust
As a company, we have been in the roofing industry for more than 20 years. With our many years of experience, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands! We work closely with builders, designers, and architects to create gorgeous louvre roof systems. Builders, designers, and architects love working with us due to the outstanding product we produce, and the fact that we genuinely know our stuff!

Our two designers have almost 40 yeas experience between them, and are available to help you choose the right options for your project, from our vast range of choices.

10-year guarantee
All of our roofs have a 10-year warranty that covers both the workmanship and the product, itself. As a company, we believe in the products we supply, and are 100 percent committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We also provide an industry-leading 8-year motor warranty on our louvre systems (that covers both the parts and the labour). This motor warranty is best-in-market, and five yeas longer than the 3-yer warranty most louvre installers offer. This extra warranty period is just another reason to trust us with your next outdoor roofing project. 

Help with plans and permits
The plans and permits part of a new project can seem pretty daunting, which is why our experts are here to help you navigate the landscape. We can help you deal with council planning and the VBA building code, and assist you in obtaining building permits and certification. Don’t let the stress of starting get in the way of beginning a project that can transform your outdoor living area!

Benefits of our louvre systems
There are many benefits to having our louvre systems installed in your residential or commercial premises. We outline a few below. 

Our louvre systems have a variety of positions that can be placed in at the click of a button, offering you versatility in your outdoor living space. These include positions are: fully-open position (ideal for days when you wish to let in as much sunlight as possible), angled-open position (blocks out the hot sun, while still letting light and air flow in), partially-open position (great for blocking out light rain, without blocking air flow and light), and fully-closed position (blocks out heavy rain, protecting you and your outdoor space from the water). 

Louvre roofs also offer versatility in design options, with hundreds of colours to choose from and limitless design possibilities meaning you can create the outdoor living space you desire. 

Cyclone-grade engineering
All of our outdoor lifestyle products are engineer-designed, and certified with an appropriate rating for the cyclone zones in Australia. 

Our roofs let you take control of how much light you wish to bring in to your space. For the most amount of light, set your louvres to 175 degrees. We are also able to fit specially-designed light strips, which means you can have plenty of light in your outdoor space, even when the louvres are fully-closed, or the sun has set. 

Simple to operate
Our louvre systems are easy to use. As a default, we set up our HV2 louvre roof systems with a remote control, however, there is also the option for wall-mounted switched and push buttons. Our louvres also have a rain sensor, which will detect rain and then automatically close the roof for you, protecting your outdoor living space and furniture. We setup basic open and close settings for your new roof, but you are also able to opt for home automation. 

Our timber frame render systems offer a sturdy option for your outdoor roof. Timber is a strong material to build with, and we use only Australian wood. If you would like to find out more about our available roofing options, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly staff!

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